Thursday, 25 January 2018

Lets give them Wings to Fly.


Independence.. Freedom. These words meant so much to me while I was a young. Meaning of freedom kept on changing for me as I grew older. I am brought up in a strict family. My parents were very strict with us i.e. me and my sisters. I have always noticed that there were different set of rules for us and for my brother. That was something which was bothering me always. Though my parents were strict but they were not narrow minded. With passing of time we were given more liberty in taking our own decision. But still we were supervised all the time. Now when I have become a parent I understood their concern and worry.

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. 
- Denis Waitley

I am a mother of two boys. Still they are too young to do anything. But it’s high time for us to decide what kind of parents we want to be. The ones that are always there for their kids or the ones, who want them to be on their own, decide what’s good or what’s bad for them. We (me and my husband) had already decided what parenting style we would be adopting in future for our kids. Being on the similar page is very much important for both the parents. One of us would be a cool parent and the other one would be a rigid one. (I hope you understand what I mean). If one of us has said no for anything the other would not go against that decision or question them (not at least in front of the kids). Mutual understanding between parents is the key.

We would let our kids be themselves. Nothing would be forced on them. We would keep everything under moderation. Supervision is a must. No one is safe these days. I know what I am talking about is something that we need to think once our kids are of certain age. But for now we would teach our children to do their things on their own. We would be making them self reliant rather than spoon feeding them. We want our kids to look upon as their friends. They should be able to come and discuss everything and anything with us.  
I believe Moderation to everything is the key. Being strict would never work with the kids. 


This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Alpana from  for introducing me. 

I would now like to introduce Charu from and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, 'GIVING FREEDOM TO KIDS'.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

FREEDOM - My version

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Improving language skills in children

Language plays an important role in a child’s development. It enables a child to communicate effectively with their family, learn at school, socialize with friends, build relationships with others and complete simple tasks such as talking on the phone and buying something from the shops.
As important as language is, it doesn't come easily to a child. The people surrounding them and their environment have significant impact on how a child’s language skills will develop. today's time demand kids to learn at least two languages Hindi being our national language and English being global language and the third language is the child's mother tongue.
By understanding a few simple techniques and strategies, these will ensure that a child’s language skills will improve during their early childhood which will give them the head start they need in being good communicators.
Strategies For Infants (0 - 12 months)
There are plenty opportunities within an infant’s routine where communicating plays a key role. talk to them during nappy changes, feeding times, bath times and play time, which enables an infant to be exposed to language. Use this time to converse with the infant as they begin to learn the basics of communicating. This is the best time of their life where they can learn multiple languages.
How to Encourage Language in Infants
  • Pause when talking – or even when you are asking a question, just like you would do when taking to an adult. This will help the infant develop the understanding of taking turns in conversation.
  • Encourage listening skills – make a variety of sounds from different parts of the room. Each time you make a noise wait for them to turn around and look to where the sound is coming from.
  • Read stories – always read with feeling and expression. Alter your voice tone to engage the infant into the story.
  • Chat - talk and comment about the things you see when you are outside or inside. Point out the colour of the grass or the size of the bus, talk about what you are doing etc.
  • Name objects – like everyday objects. Researchers have shown that infants can understand a lot more then we realize. By naming everyday objects an infant may be able to pick up on the names of objects. Ask questions such as “where is the ball” and watch their eyes. If they understand they will begin to look for the object that you named.
  • Picture Cards / Books – show individual named picture cards, naming each picture as the infant looks at it. Only do this for a couple of minutes each day since you don't want to overload and they may lose interest quickly. See Flashcard Printables
  • Copy sounds – when an infant begins to make sounds, copy them. This will encourage an infant to make more noises and different sounds and is the beginning of conversations.
  • Discuss routine – talk about the everyday activities that the infant is involved in such as feeding times, play times etc.
  • Use actions with words – wave as you say “bye bye”, when giving them their feeding bottle say “drink”, when lifting say “up” etc. This encourages an infant to relate language to what they see and do.
  • Sing songs – this will encourage an infant with their communication and develop their attention skills..
Strategies for Babies (12 months and beyond)
During this stage, babies will begin to use language in a more recognizable way and would have become even become more social. Language skills increase as a baby starts saying their “first word”. A first word could be a familiar name of a member of the family (mama or dada), a common object or even something that is said constantly around the home. For instance one of my twin started saying 'No papa' (with action) learning from his favorite rhyme. 
How to Encourage Language in Babies
  • Noisy toys and books – will support a baby’s attention, interest and listening skills.
  • Sing nursery rhymes – this will enable a baby to remember and understand words, get introduced to similar sounds and connect actions to songs. 
  • Talk about what you’re doing – simply describe the tasks you complete throughout the day with the baby. For example: if you’re washing your hands say something like “mummy is washing hands”. This will enable a baby to connect words to what is happening around them.
  • Name object baby sees – toys, clothes, everyday items, parts of their body and more. A baby will begin to memorize a word the more often they hear it.
  • Repeat words – as a baby tries to say words support them by repeating it back to them also name items they are pointing at to begin expanding on their vocabulary.
  • Read books – when reading the story, describe what is happening in the pictures. Name objects, colours, shapes, characters, places etc. 
  • Encourage short sentences – this can be done by expanding on what the baby says. For example, if baby says “milk”, you can say “more milk” or “milk please”.
  • Be patient – sometimes you may not understand what a baby is trying to convey. Encourage them to use gestures when talking to gain a better understanding of what they are saying.
It’s just amazing to see how many words a child picks up during their early childhood... yes it's true once a child begins talking, that's the end of it... they never stop! Try and encourage language skills by implementing some of the strategies that have been suggested.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Spinach and Beetroot smoothie

I have recently started having smoothies to fulfill my small hunger cravings and trust me you would thank me for this latter. 

Spinach is rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, niacin, vitamin E and vitamin K (this is what google had to say). Whereas, beetroot is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium. All these nutrients make both of them as super-food for you as well as your babies (after becoming a mum I always see what all i can feed my baby along with me). If you are someone who doesn't like eating spinach and beetroot than do tryout this smoothie.

Ingredients :
  • Few spinach leaves (thoroughly washed) 
  • One medium sized beetroot

Procedure :
  • Cook both beetroot and spinach in a pressure cooker for few minutes until the beetroot is soft and finely cooked.
  • Once cooked Grind them in a mixture grinder/blender
  • Add water to bring it to a consistency of a smoothie or as per the requirement.
  • Adding salt is optional.


If your kid doesn't like the pulpy consistency you can strain it and bring it to liquid consistency.
Kids will love the taste as the beetroot is sweet. This can be served during 11am or 4 pm snack time.
Try it for you and your little one.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Chai ki Tapri - Memories to cherish

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Travelling with babies - Tips and Tricks

With holiday season round the corner we all are super ready and excited to travel to one of our dream destinations or visiting our relatives back home. Till the time we are single or no babies to accompany us, travelling is so much fun. We can be at ease while travelling. The only planning required is to choose the destination and the mode of journey and make required reservation etc. But as soon u become a parent the entire scenario changes. 

The enthusiasm of visiting new places suddenly turns into a nightmare. Travelling with kids requires a lot of planning. 
Whether it's  short journey, train or flight journey planning is the key.

What I Prefer is to make a check list of things that would be required for my babies while I am travelling. I have divided the list in three categories clothing, feeding and miscellaneous.

Clothing Essentials :

✔ Full sleeves shirt or tee. Rompers or onesies are my personal favourite as they fully covers the baby. Keep atleast 4 to 5 pairs in hand
✔Sweeters or jackets 
✔3 to 4 pairs of socks
✔Warm blankets 
✔3 to 4 hand towels 
✔Good stock of disposable diapers 
✔Woollen caps 
✔Quick dry sheet or changing mats

Feeding Essentials :

When you are travelling with a kid who has already started on solids the only problem is what to feed them when u don't have access to your kitchen. Here is a list of things I carry with me while I am travelling for longer hours.

✔Hot water flask 
          - Can be used to make formula as well as ready to eat food
✔Fresh fruits
✔Some vegetables 
✔Cooked food
           - Idilis, chapatti, rice 
✔2 to 3 bottles for milk 
✔Homemade cookies or biscuits, kurmura, etc

Miscellaneous Essentials :

✔If your baby is on formula feed than u will require bottle disinfectant to wash the bottles and sterile them. 
✔Portable jula (if your baby is use to sleep in it) 
✔Baby Carrier (to keep your hand free) 
✔Baby wipes
✔Baby powder
✔Baby lotion 
✔Hand sanitizer 
✔Diaper rash cream
(keep some coconut oil and apply it at every change) 
✔Disposable bags (to throw dirty diapers) 
✔Dry sheet
✔Toys to keep them occupied 
✔Board books
✔Soft baby napkins 
                -Medicine for vomits, fever or any other that your doctor has prescribed (you never know when you will require them) 
✔Waste cloth 
✔Night light (can be attached to power banks)

Do let me know if i have missed some of the essential items in the above list.

Till than Happy holidays and Have a happy and safe journey!!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Diapering journey so far

Every mum has its own personal choice when it comes to diapering. Whether to choose cloth diapers or disposable ones. The day I came to know that I am going to be mother of twins that's when I decided that I don't want to waste my time and energy washing and changing them (Langot).

I had a c-section and was on recovery phase after giving birth to my twin boys. During those days my mum and my mother in law took the charge of the boys and they were very much ok with using traditional cloth diapers. My mother had already made few of them before the kids were born. I let them take the charge and let them decide what's best for the babies.

My babies were born in winter so you could imagine the amount of wetting. And with two of them we always use to run out of our stock of clothes at the end of the day. That was the time I decided to introduce disposable ones for my kids atleast during nights so that we all could have some sound sleep and even my kids can also sleep peacefully.

This routine continued for few months I.e cloth diapers during the day and disposable ones during the night. We were having the benefit of best of both worlds.

I live in bangalore where the climate is quite cool so I never faced any problem of diaper rash untill then. I use to take good care of their sensitive areas, would always clean it properly and apply a good layer of diaper rash cream before every change.

When they were 6 months old I went to my mums place during summers that's when my kids got there first worst diaper rash which made wearing disposable diapers impossible for quite a few days.

PS : Till than I was not aware of the modern day diapering.

That's when I started searching for options which would suit my kids, not cause any more rash and would keep them dry as well.

My masi introduced me to cloth diapers which she used for her kids when they were young and sent me a pack of big white clothes (khus).

These were a life saver for me. They actually soaked one entire pee and kept my kids dry at the same time. Yeh my work almost doubled. As I have to keep changing them and wash them at the end of the day. I have two kids so you guys can imagine the time I spend changing them and washing them.. Phew!!!! (I still do follow the same routine). But I am happy atleast my kids don't have to suffer from any more diaper rash.

Till now I am using these cloth diapers. My kids are 11 months old and we both are happy with this diaper routine.

With time passing even this cloth diapers have started having their own limitations. Recently one of my kid is facing the worst diaper rash problem cause I am still using the disposable ones at night. It's the need of the hour that I switch to modern day cloth diapers. I am still a bit skeptical about them cause I have invested in few of them and a bit disappointed with the results.

Hope I find the perfect cloth diapers for my kids and can ditch the disposable ones for their night time routine. 

This is my diapering journey so far for my twin kids. Hope you found it interesting to read. Feel free to let me know what u feel.

Till than stay blessed.

Lets give them Wings to Fly.

  Independence.. Freedom. These words meant so much to me while I was a young. Meaning of freedom kept on changing for me as I...